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We are a Rhode Island based law firm with attorneys licensed to practice in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. While we focus on Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions our attorneys have the experience to assist you with a variety of life’s legal needs. Explore our website to find out how our experienced team can assist you with your legal needs and click on the contact link to reach out to us today!

Residential Real Estate Law and Closings

Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Realtor or Lender we can assist you with your real estate needs.

Commercial Closings

Looking to add some commercial real estate to your investment portfolio or are you refinancing an existing property? Perhaps you are ready to sell your commercial investments. Having the right representation can make all the difference. Find out how we can help.

Business Law

Starting a business is an exciting but challenging endeavor. Let us help you navigate your way through the process and make the right choices for you and your business.


Not all disputes need to be resolved with lawyers and through the court system. Mediation offers the parties to a dispute a way to work through their issues and resolve the conflict on their own terms.

Personal Injury law

If you have been injured you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Whether it’s an auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite or other accident, we can help.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

What are your final wishes? How do you want your assets managed – either now or after you pass?

Buying or Selling?

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